iRobot® Roomba® 980

The vacuum cleaning robot is awarded ‘Best Floorcare Product 2017’ by Innovative Electrical Retailing.

Roomba 980 is the first iRobot Vacuum Cleaning Robot to navigate and vacuum your home (up to 186 sqm) in a single cleaning cycle.

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Roomba 980 is the best in test



The Roomba 980 won the best design, battery power, vacuum power, ability to get around, ease of use and customer reviews, showing us what a true champion is. By that, the Roomba and the iRobot are the ultimate winner…  2016


The 980 is, without a doubt a best Roomba yet. Wi-Fi connectivity was the next logical step and iRobot embraced the technology with some really nice amenities that make this appliance of convenience that much more convenient. The Roomba 980 is quite possibly the greatest single evolution in the product’s 13-year history.

Tech Times October 13, 2015


The new Roomba remarkably makes the robot even easier to use and, most importantly, makes it much, much smarter about cleaning a room — even an entire first floor.

Mashable September 17, 2015

…iRobot’s Roomba has already been around for over 13 years now, steadily getting better at doing your dirty work. Now with the new Roomba 980, iRobot is making its vacuum-cleaning bot smarter than ever before — so much so that it’s calling the 980 the most important Roomba since it first debuted in 2002.

There’s no doubt that the Roomba 980 is iRobot’s best vacuum yet. October 30th 2015

Now cleans your entire level of your home

Roomba 980 is the first iRobot Vacuum Cleaning Robot to navigate and vacuum your home (up to 186 sqm) in a single cleaning cycle.

Visual Localization

Expands the Roomba 980’s coverage to an entire level of your home by using iRobot’s proprietary vSLAM® technology to create visual landmarks in its map so it doesn’t lose track of where it is or where it’s been.

iAdapt® 2.0 Navigation

Uses a high-efficiency cleaning pattern and a full suite of sensors to map and adapt to real world clutter and furniture for thorough coverage.

Recharge & Resume

Runs continuously for up to two hours1 then automatically recharges and resumes cleaning to complete the entire job.

Cleaner Floors. Every Day. All at the Push of a Button.

Roomba is your partner for a cleaner home, helping you stay ahead of daily dust and dirt so you can do more.

Connect to clean from anywhere with the iRobot HOME App

Press CLEAN From Anywhere

Connect to your Roomba and start cleaning from anywhere with a single tap on the app.

App-based Support

Get access to tips, tricks, and support in the palm of your hand, whether you’re home or on the go.

Simple Scheduling

Lets you schedule and control how Roomba cleans your unique home with your choice of one or two passes, Edge Clean, and whether to use Carpet Boost.

Why dirt has no where to hide

Adapts to environment for thorough coverage

Cleaning head automatically adjusts to carpets, tile, and hardwood floors as it moves through your home. At just 3.6 inches tall, Roomba is designed to fit under most furniture so dirt has nowhere to hide.

Targets dirt and debris with precision

Dirt Detect™ Series II (available on 700 Series and above) uses optical and acoustic sensors to detect high concentrations of dirt, dust and pet hair, and then performs focused cleaning where it’s needed.

A spinning side brush sweeps dust and debris from wall edges and corners into the path of the 3-Stage Cleaning System. HEPA‐style Filter* (available on 800 Series and above) traps up to 99% of dust, dirt and allergens as small as one micron to help keep the air in your home clean.
* The iRobot HEPA‐style filter uses E11 HEPA media which was tested to capture 99% of particles as small as 1 micron passing through the filter per IEST‐RP‐CC001.5.

Carefully moves throughout and between rooms

A full suite of sensors allows Roomba to work its way around and under furniture as well as in corners. Cliff Detect sensors allow Roomba to avoid stairs and other dangerous drop-offs.

Automatically increases power where it’s needed most

Carpet Boost

Provides up to 10x the air power* by automatically increasing the performance of the Gen 3 motor on carpet and rugs, where dust and dirt hide.

* Compared to Roomba® 600 and 700 series AeroVac™ systems.

AeroForce™ Cleaning System

Roomba 980 leverages the dual counter rotating AeroForce Extractors first introduced in the Roomba 800 Series to deliver exceptional agitation and brushing performance.

The power of AeroForce™ Cleaning

Reaches dirt everywhere

A spinning side brush pushes debris into the path of the 3-Stage Cleaning System to catch dirt and dust hiding along the walls.

Breaks down dirt before picking it up

Tangle-free AeroForce™ extractors use durable rubber tread to grab and break down dirt and debris from all floor types.

Delivers more air power where it’s required

The AeroForce Gen 2 Motor provides up to 5x the air power* of previous models while the Roomba 980’s Gen 3 motor offers up to 10x the air power* on carpets & rugs.

* Compared to Roomba® 600 and 700 series AeroVac™ systems.

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