W120-T robot window cleaner –

a Roomba for your windows!

Clean your high-rise windows in a safer and easier way!

Mamibot iGLASSBOT W120-T is one of the 10-th best smart devices of IFA 2018.

W120-T iGlassbot Robot window cleaner

completes one 2x1m window cleaning in about 5 minutes only!

Mamibot is a revolutionary window cleaning robot that sucking itself to windows and cleans it – all alone! Mamibot is especially suitable for larger window sections, windows in tall buildings, where it can be difficult or dangerous to reach, or shop windows, where it’s hard to get to. The robot (which can also be used to wipe the floor) has an anti-fall sensor and a safety rope in case it loses power and slips off the window. The 600mAh battery makes the device wireless and provides enough power for an hour of continuous cleaning. There’s also an app for remote control via your iOS or Android phone.

Mamibot® window cleaner

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Main features


Mamibot works in an intelligent pattern and back to where it starts

Strong Suction

With strong suction, W120-T can keep it stay on glass safe and for long time

Cooling motor

Over 5 years working time for general residential use

Inteligent cleaning

Deep Cleaning Mode in Z-to-N pattern

Edge sensors

Preventing Mamibot falling off, when it works on a glass without frame

Remote control

Control your robot in all 3 simple ways: APP, One-touch Key, Remote

Professionally designed for high-rise window cleaning

Special designed Mirco Fabric Cloth

Designed for Glass-cleaning Cloths with no hurt to glass surface and no prints left.

Top end brushless motors

W120-T has motors with features of higher rotating speed, stronger power, lower noise Motor Revolving Speed 22000 rpm.

UPS battery for Emergency

The built-in UPS battery helps robot suck on windows for 20 minutes and send alarms if power supply is cut suddenly.

Slim and Light

It looks strong, but only weighs 1.35 kg. As thin as 8.5 cm in thickness

Anti-falling and frameless detecting

When Mamibot cleans window which may have one side without frame, the sensors detect cliff and withdraw timely to avoid falling it off.

In addition, the robot is equipped with 4.5 m safety rope, and it will not work if it is not lock.

1. Safety Lock

2. Indoor fixture

3. Untie the buckle

4. Fix the buckle

Strong Suction

With strong suction, W120-T can keep it stay on glass safe and for long time.

Vertical weight bearing up to 7.2KG

Top end brushless motors


Cleans glass safer and thorougher


Within 65dB. Less disturb.

Long lifespan

Over 5 years working time for general residential use


Stable performance worths more money

Deep Cleaning Mode

Multiple smart modes, in patterns of Z, N, or Z-to-N. More than efficient, more than you expected.

N Mode

In up-down

Z Mode

In left-right


Up-down -> Left-right

Back to where it starts

The high-end gyroscope enables the robot make cleaning path plans and remember the location accurately, so that it goes back to starting point after cleaning done.

Easy Operation

Control your robot in all 3 simple ways APP, One-touch Key, Remote

Multi-condition Application

Use W120-T to clean internal/external windows of high-rise buidings/stores, bathroom windows, or other flat surface like marble walls, ceramic walls.

Internal / External windows Bathroom Glass Marble wall Big windows Shop windows

Mamibot® window cleaner



  • Includes APP
  • Model No.: W120-T
  • Power: 75 W
  • Dimension: 25 x 25 x 8.5cm
  • Cleaning Speed/Capacity: 1 kvm. / 2.5 min.
  • Rated Voltage: DC24V
  • Battery: 600mAh – 14.8V
  • Noise:  ≤ 65 Db
  • Charging Time (for UPS): 60 min.
  • Weight: 1.35 kg.
  • Suction Power: 3000 Pa
  • Brushless motor: 22000 rpm


You can buy Mamibot® window cleaner here:

Mamibot® window cleaner

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