Retro design doesn’t get any cooler!

The cabinet is handmade and has a rustic and exclusive, distinctly masculine feel. The design throws you right back to the 1940s recreating the look of the riveted aluminum plating of the fighter and bomber planes of that era.

The extravagant Spitfire® is for the discerning customer, who values unique design, high quality and personal taste.

No two Spitfire® cabinets are 100% identical. You will never see another exactly like yours.

The Spitfire cabinet is available in 2 unique versions: A refrigerator and a wine cooler. Both are available in original aluminum as well as black aluminum.


  • Aluminum plating and leather
  • A++
  • 204 litres
  • 39dB(A)
  • H 158 x W 72 x D 75cm
  • Weight 139kg


  • FR122L: Aluminium, left hinged door (not reversible!)
  • FR122R: Aluminium, right hinged door (not reversible!)

Wine Cooler

  • Aluminum plating and leather
  • Storage of up to 55 0.75 l Bordeaux bottles
  • 2 individual temperature zones
  • H 158 x W 72 x D 75cm
  • Weight N/A


  • WTB122L: Black wine cooler, left hinged door (not reversible!)
  • WTB122R: Black wine cooler, right hinged door (not reversible!)

Digital temperature display

The precision electronic control system is equipped with a digital temperature display, and provides information on the set values. The door and temperature alarm alerts the user visually and acoustically to any irregularities, e.g. a  door that has been left open. The child lock prevents any inadvertent changes to the control panel.

LED lighting

The innovative LED lighting guarantees the even illumination of the interior without UV exposure. Since minimal heat is generated by the LEDs, wines can be presented bathed in light over a prolonged period of time.