Accurately and 100% wireless cooking thermometer

Witt by CookPerfect

The revolutionary cooking thermometer

Achieve perfect results every time you cook without thinking of how the cooking thermometer is placed. You will even get to know for the meat to rest for it to be ready to be served.

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The perfect result

Relax and enjoy a good time with friends and family while the meat is being cooked.

With the Witt by CookPerfect intelligent cooking thermometers, it is just ‘plug & play’. Insert the cooking thermometer into the meat, select the type of meat and the desired result, press start and Witt by CookPerfect handles the rest.

You do not need to worry about whether the digital thermometer is placed correctly in the meat. Instead, just relax with friends and family and enjoy the time while the meat is being cooked.

The app tells you when you are ready to serve the perfect meal – simple perfection!

Witt by CookPerfect Wireless

The measurements from the intelligent cooking thermometer are sent via Bluetooth™ signal directly to the Wi-Fi charger (range up to all 120 meter¹). The Wi-Fi charger is equipped with a Cloud feature that gives you unlimited range, as you can follow the cooking on your smartphone, wherever you are.

With an outstanding operating time of up to 16 hours, it also provides the opportunity for long preparations. Also, the battery of the probe is ceramic, which does not explode using it at high temperatures. This is a well-known risk of Lithium batteries in other cooking thermometers. The probe of the Witt by CookPerfect Wireless is only 4,2mm in diameter and has a high use temperature of the entire 325°C!

The Wi-Fi charger is charged using the included USB cable. It operates as a power bank, where the probe is automatically charged when it is placed therein.

The starter kit comes with one wireless probe.

Suggested retail price, DKK 999,-

Available in stores November 2020.

An additional probe can be purchased:
Witt by CookPerfect Wireless Sensor, DKK 499,-

Witt by CookPerfect Comfort

The measurements from the intelligent cooking thermometer base sent directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth™ and have a range of up to 120 meters¹.

The food probe has a high service temperature of 300°C, and the probe has a diameter of only 4,2mm.

Witt by CookPerfect Comfort is available in matte black and stainless steel.

Suggested retail price, DKK 799,-

An additional probe can be purchased:
Witt by CookPerfect Sense, DKK 299,-

Cook your meat as a professional – quite simple

The secret is a specially developed algorithm, which uses metrics to calculate core temperature and heat flow through the meat. The result? Perfectly cooked meat – every time.

The technology behind Witt by CookPerfect

Cooking is all about heating up to the desired temperature. This temperature needs to be precisely measured to get consistently perfect results.

Other thermometers only have one point of measurement why controlling the cooking is both complicated and time-consuming to achieve good cooking results.

Existing Cooking Thermometers on the market only measure the temperature of the tip of the thermometer. This makes it complicated to measure meat’s core temperature since it is dependent on the tip of the thermometer is placed exactly in the core of the meat. If you hit just one centimeter wrong, compared to the meat core, one can experience differences of up to 10 degrees, which is the difference between a medium-rare and medium-done performance.

The Witt by CookPerfect thermometer monitors the temperature in different places and calculates the coldest spot. With the intelligent thermometer you are always guaranteed to measure the temperature at the coldest spot, regardless of how the thermometer is placed, and what’s more, you will also know precisely when the meat will be ready.

Simple, first time placement – perfect results

With the free CookPerfect app for iOS and Android, it’s easy to prepare and cook the perfect meal.




Witt by CookPerfects intelligent cooking thermometer includes a free app that is available on mobile devices and tablets (iOS and Android). The app is available in English, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, and German, and more languages will follow.

Insert the thermometer into the meat and choose from three options to achieve the desired result:

  • Quick start
    Set the desired core temperature, if you already know what temperature you want to cook the meat to achieve the perfect result.
  • Presets
    Choose from preset core temperatures depending on the flesh nature and type of cooking you want – for example, medium-rare, medium, or well-done.
  • Visual
    Select your perfect result from visual settings. Start with the type of meat and choose between images of different results. The algorithm will then let you know when the desired result is achieved.

The CookPerfect app it is simple to set and follow the preparation of your meat.

After approximately 5 minutes the app will display when you can expect the meat to be finished and ready to serve. You can even set alerts so you know when to start cooking sides. This results in the whole meal to be served simultaneously.


Witt by CookPerfects intelligent cooking thermometer measures the temperature in five different locations, providing data to the specially developed algorithm, a mathematical calculation that calculates the core temperature.

Other cooking thermometers measure only the temperature of the tip of the thermometer. This means that the positioning of normal cooking thermometers are very reliant on getting the thermometer placed exactly in the right place to measure the correct temperature.

This is not necessary using the Witt by CookPerfect intelligent cooking thermometer, as the many measuring points combined with the algorithm ensures that the correct core temperature is always measured. However, the probe must be pushed into the meat so that it is completely covered up to the marked line to function optimally.

How can I be sure to measure the correct core temperature?

– We have developed an algorithm that uses five measuring points to calculate the coldest point in the meat (the core temperature). Just make sure to insert the thermometer through the center of the meat.

Can Witt by CookPerfect show when meat is done and ready to serve?

– Yes. Using the free app, set your targeted cooking temperature (e.g. 54°C), press “Start” on the app and after approximately 5 minutes our algorithm will tell you when the meat reaches 54°C.

What languages ​​is the CookPerfect app available in?

– The free app is available in English, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, and German. More languages ​​will be added in future updates.

How many pieces of meat can be measured simultaneously with Witt by CookPerfect?

– You can measure two pieces of meat simultaneously – using two different thermometers – and follow them in the app.

What is the max temperature limit of the sensor?

– 300°C (575°F)
– Avoid that the Sensor gets in direct contact with the grill even if the air temperature is below 300°C (575°F) as the temperature of the grill can exceed much higher temperature.

What is included in Witt by CookPerfect?

– One receiver and one thermometer.

Can Witt by CookPerfect also be used in the oven or smoker?

– Yes it will work perfectly.

Can Witt by CookPerfect be used to cook other than meat?

– Yes, CookPerfect is also perfect for measuring your cooking temperature during bakery. BUT the CookPerfect CANNOT be immersed in water or liquids!

Can Witt by CookPerfect used in all kinds of meat?

– Yes, as long as the probe is covered up to the marked line.

Which platforms are supported by Witt by CookPerfect?

– iOS and Android are supported.

Can Witt by CookPerfect used in a microwave?

– NO! Don’t use CookPerfect in a microwave as it will damage both the microwave and cooking thermometer.

What happens if the temperature in the grill or oven changes?

– Our algorithm continuously calculates the time needed to cook the meat. This means that if the grill’s temperature changes, cooking time will adjust accordingly.

Can the receiver placed inside the grill or oven?

– NO! DO NOT put the receiver inside ovens, grills, and other heating elements.

My app shows “New firmware available” – what does this mean?

– We continually strive to improve our product, including the software in the receiver. This software is called firmware. It is always recommended to upgrading if new firmware is available.

¹ The Bluetooth™ connection has a range of up to 120 meters under optimal conditions.